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Nelson Mandelas Long Walk To Freedom Essay -- Nelson Mandela Long Wal

Nelson Mandela in his book, Long Walk to Freedom argues through the first five parts that a black individual must deal, coop, and grow through a society that is hindering their lives' with apartheid and suppression of their rightful land. Rolihlanla Mphakanyiswa or clan name, Madiba was born on July 18, 1918 in a simple village of Mvezo, which was not accustomed to the happenings of South Africa as a whole. His father was an respected man who led a good life, but lost it because of a dispute with the magistrate. While, his mother was a hard-working woman full of daily choirs. His childhood was full of playing games with fellow children and having fun. In school, Mandela was given his English name of Nelson. After his father's death, he moved to love with a regent, who was a well-off individual and owed Nelson's father for a previous favor. The next several years were full of schooling for Nelson. These schools opened Nelson's eyes to many things, which we will discuss later. He and t he regent's son, Justice decided to travel to Johannesburg and see what work they could find. They left on their journey without the regent's permission, but eventually escaped his power and settled down in the town. In Johannesburg, Nelson settled down in a law firm as an assistant and went to University of South Africa and Witwatersrand University to further his law education. Witswatersrand University brought many new ideas to Nelson and awakened a spirit inside of him. The next several years, Nelson met many new political friends and began his involvement in the ANC. Also during this time, he met Evelyn and they became married. Gradually Nelson's political involvement grew and his family life declined. Nelson and his good friend, Oliver Tambo opened a law firm, which took up most of Nelson's time. Evelyn mothered two of Nelson's children, but the gradually grew apart. Now, Nelson was an influential political individual and bans and jailing began to follow him around. One day, a young woman came into his life by the name of Winnie and they got married. Winnie gave birth to two more of Nelson's children. As time passed, Nelson's spirit for freedom grew more and more each day. Though his life was full of bannings and jailings, he never gave up his fight, but he knew that the south African government was becoming agitated with him and the ANC. The South African government became ... ...eid of white supremacy in South Africa. Throughout the book, I have seen Nelson's open-mindedness. Nelson always listened to communist ideas and Indian goals, eventhough he did not agree with them. Nelson faced many hardships through his struggle and this had to cause some resentment against his oppressors. But if anyone would not be bias in his writing, I would say it would be Nelson Mandela. He has showed in his book that he is great individual and that he will not let his past feeling cloud his writing. You can see his feelings in his book and that is what makes it so good, but I believe he does not hide anything from us on both sides of the stories.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  In conclusion, Mandela's autobiography is a brilliant book written by an incredible individual. I wish I could of read the whole book for this essay, but that was not possible. It is hard to write an essay on the first 5 parts when I know some things that happened further in the book. I did not know if I should include that information in the essay, but I did not involve it. This book helped to show the other side of the story. We always hear the victor's story and in this class we got to hear the other side of the story.

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A mom before the Prom Essay

Teen pregnancy has been gravelly increased in the last few years. Bad media influences (Many programs at TV programs or sexual content movies as well as other mediums) can be the factors that teen girls nowadays are getting a wrong advice that teen motherhood can a common way to live. Partners and friends’s bad influence is making them think that is right to have sex at a young age and will make them feel more popular. In that regards, this essay by Cristina page is restating the issue that more forms of bad media and wrong people’s influences are available today than ever before and consequently teens girls are much more exposed to a lot of information and these sometimes switch teen girl’s mind to do something wrong when they think is totally normal and it also has made teen girls to believe that having children at a young age might be beneficial because they think giving a child for adoption might improve their fortune giving them away for millions of dollars , so it can’t ruin her adolescence too but in reality it can really affect them. – Personally I can share the view of the author in this essay: Teen pregnancy is in reality one of the most difficult experiences a teen girl might ever face when that can interrupt her education or other plans such as getting a better career or maintain fathers with them, but most of the time it doesn’t work and that’s when the situation gets worse. Children usually grow without a father figure when their parents have them at a very young age or sometimes they don’t even live with both parents because they can’t take care of them or support them economically. So when this children start to live without a parental guide , they grow adopting a bad behavior and getting the wrong advices from other bad people and turned into criminals , stealers, or other people of bad reputation because they live in a poor ambient without having a parent who can guide and help them to raise their levels of education. – Most of the time, when teen moms decide to have a baby, teen girls don’t really take care of their babies when they are still formatting inside their body as old mothers and because of their immaturity, sometimes they don’t realize the huge damage they cause to their babies if they start smoking and drinking or working so hard because now they need to support themselves economically carrying heavy stuff when they have to rest the most during their pregnancy. Children are tending to born prematurely, with a disease, a mental retardation or even born death. – Usually we think that there’s not any difference of acquiring the same standards of education or a good life when a kid’s parents are so young and the other’s parent are more mature. The children of teen parents can suffer more of abuse at home and at school or disregard from their parents and grow more with farness or adopt a bad behavior, so that implies that they could not do so well at school, they could get lower grades and repeat their classes or drop out from High School without completing their education. This might increase the raise of poverty in families with young parents too and this leads society into decreasing its economy too. I really enjoyed reading this essay because it deals with a controversial issue and restates the causes of why teen pregnancy is becoming a worldwide problem, it must be thought in class so we can share our own viewpoints about it. 10-) – I encourage people to consider more this issue because if we want a better life for our

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Taking a Look at Leadership Styles - 707 Words

Effective leadership is the functional component to a productive company and or business. New leadership approaches are needed to create effective and efficient global operations (Colfax, 2009). Successful managers need to replace the traditional styles of leadership, foster innovation, and create approaches that embrace the virtual and global changes that rapidly expand each day. This consists of leader’s shifting their normal techniques and rearranging them to the growing demands of the environment (Santos, 2009). Nonetheless, there is no one right way to lead; instead, different leadership styles lead to different outcomes (Zainal, 2011) Great leaders come in every race, gender and kind yet they all share similar characteristics of being strong well managed, and optimistisc.Most of all, they continuously find new ways to manage when opportunities arise. (Burrus –Barbey, 2000). The aim of this paper is to examine successful and unsuccessful leaders, and provide e xamples of effective leadership styles. Several companies will be researched to show how leader’s micro and macro managed their companies. The paper will conclude with recommendations on what managers can do to ultimately create the highest performance within their organization. Research will be based on the following, 1.) Different leadership styles that are used by managers across various countries, 2) societal trends and changes that have erupted over the years, 3) an analysis on local businesses today.Show MoreRelatedLeadership Styles And Leadership Theories993 Words   |  4 Pagesregards to the other two leadership styles, I scored next highest in the delegate category and the least amount in the authoritative category. In this paper I will give a comprehensive overview of leadership styles and leadership management theories and how they relate to my style. Lastly, I will discuss my type of work environment, and three key actions or behaviors that I must demonstrate t o be a successful leader. Alignment with management and leadership theories Leadership theories include traitRead MoreVolunteer Management Course: A Reflective Essay1338 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction My name is Chao and I come from China. I wanted to take this course to improve my leadership abilities. I have spent time in a variety of managerial roles, often as a volunteer myself, and now I find myself leading volunteers. In China, we have a communal ethic, where the entire community and population pulls together to make sure that projects are a success. We have put together basketball and volleyball teams and tournaments with our school, and at the neighbourhood level organizedRead MoreAn Interdisciplinary Approach Towards Effective Management Essay1630 Words   |  7 PagesInterdisciplinary Approach towards Effective Management Effective management leads teams towards results. Varying disciplinary approaches suggest strategies that reinforce best practices towards effective leadership. Looking at research completed in three disciplinary areas, provides data towards varying management styles and approaches that allow institutions to reach their mission. By implementing an individual disciplinary approaches towards management, limitations arise that produce disadvantageous effectsRead MoreDifferent Types Of Leaders And Styles Of Leadership1590 Words   |  7 Pagesobligation to be a leader (Dufour, Marzano, 2011). Leadership defined by Owen (2002) is, â€Å"A journey of discovery. It is the expression of a person at his or her best whose aim is to transform something for the better and to develop this potential in others. It is not a solitary pursuit but one that harnesses the energy of those around you. Leadership is a process in which leaders and followers engage to achieve mutual goals. Prentice (200 4) defines leadership as the accomplishment of a goal through theRead MoreLeadership Profile Analysis Essay1059 Words   |  5 PagesIn taking the leadership style inventories, it was not surprising to see the results. After completing almost thirty years in education, the results revealed the use of several styles in my leadership role. The Leadership Legacy results indicated that I was tied on two types of styles. They were Truth-Seeker and Experienced Guide. Tied again for one point less were Ambassador and People Mover. One less point again revealed Creative Builder. My lowest area was Advocate. I thought this assessment wasRead MoreThe Full Range Leadership Development Model1286 Words   |  6 PagesThe Full Range Leadership Development Model at a Glance If you were to go to your local university’s library and look up the topic of leadership you would find hundreds of books on the topic. A similar search through journal articles and online publications would produce hundreds of thousands of results. The topic of leadership is something that has been greatly researched throughout the years. This writing is intended to research one of the models developed as a result of some of that researchRead Moresteve jobs leadership style Essay1105 Words   |  5 Pages Steve Job’s Leadership Style. Hoang Vu Dang Ha Bristol University Steve Job’s Leadership Style. Leadership style is a leaders style of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. There are many different leadership styles such as leaders in the political, business or other fields. Steve Jobs (24th February, 1955 – 5th October, 2011) is one of the most remarkable leadership people in modern history and he is well-known as the co-founderRead MoreEssay on Compare and Contrast Two Leadership Styles1262 Words   |  6 PagesLeadership can be defined as the ability to lead a group of people successfully in an organization. Hall, et al (2008) have mentioned that an effective leader has to be visionary, motivating and responsible in order to successfully run a business organization. In business the two key leadership styles, which are widely used in today’s corporate world are autocratic leadership and democratic leadership (Johnson, n.d.). Autocratic leadership may be explained as â€Å"a leadership style where the managerRead MoreChange Th rough Leadership : The Challenges Of Change Through Leadership1527 Words   |  7 PagesChange Through Leadership As an incoming leader to an organization that is in a state of stagnation, decisive and informed decision making needs to take place. One of the first things that will be looked at in this scenario is the different theories/change strategies that exists. The second thing we will be evaluated is how successful these change strategies are. The third and final thing we will look at is how different leadership styles effect the change strategy. Existing Strategies of ChangeRead MoreResearch And Reflection Paper - Non Management Perspective1594 Words   |  7 PagesPerspective I would expect that every person has experienced a time when they were part of a team with a good and bad leader. In business there are many times when the wrong leadership styles are chosen and have a negative effect on the end results. Throughout history many scholars have tried to understand and improve the art of leadership. They have given us theories, practices, suggestions and models to follow so that we too can reach the goal of the perfect leader. Today’s managers are influenced by

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Religion Research Paper

Religion is one of those topics where students face difficulties in writing academic papers. However, religion research paper presents the ability to become well-informed in the areas of philosophy, doctrine, history, and religious practices. Investigation of religious topics entails the understanding of people’s primordial beliefs and actions, both as individuals and communities. Therefore, religion research paper may become a cognitive and stimulating task for a person in the case he or she is familiar with the process of writing such work types. The latter involves a careful selection of topic, comprehensive research, and finally writing the paper To begin with, one should pay special attention to the choice of research topic and writing of its thesis. This will profoundly depend on the objectives of the paper: historical, doctrinal, comparative, or exegesis. The first one aims at the investigation of important religious events or analysis of various aspects and prerequisites of religious movements. The second one interprets the most distinguished concepts of religions, such as monotheism in Christianity and the Quran importance in Islam. The third one, a comparative research paper, reviews the basic similarities and differences between the world religions. Finally, the last one, exegesis research work examines the initial meaning of the religious texts and predicts the work with the primary source. After the selection of general research topic, a student has to narrow it writing a thesis. The latter should illustrate writer’s main viewpoint on the issue, and that is why a successful thesis is concise and innovative. A proper research is a mainstay of any religious research paper. This has to include the analysis of original religious texts, their scholar interpretations, and other academic resources. The majority of religious research papers demands the utilization of such original texts as the Christian Bible or the Islamic Quran. This usage demonstrates student’s personal involvement in the topic and adds credibility to the paper. The argument will also look more extensive and persuasive if a person confirms it with the words of a famous philosopher, scholar, or historian. Moreover, research is a perfect chance to obtain more fresh ideas and subtopics for the paper to highlight the theme in a more advanced way. The final step predicts writing of the paper, though, there should be no difficulties anymore. The only points that should be taken into consideration are the established research paper structure and the principle of being specific. The structure of the paper is the same as any other academic work and predicts writing an introduction, main body, and conclusion. Some papers may demand the usage of methodology or definitions but, as a rule, their necessity is indicated in the assignment. Actually, structure significantly facilitates the process of writing a research paper as the person is aware of the paragraphs that should be included from the very beginning. Furthermore, this type of work demands to be neutral and precise with the topic. One has to avoid any vague and general assumptions and attempt to illustrate any significant statements with the scholar resource. Certainly, it is reasonable to avoid any personal beliefs and emotional judgments. In conclusion, a religion research paper provides a student with an opportunity to become more informed in various fields and to understand human nature. Students avoid this task rather without reasons, taking into account that the only condition to write a successful religion research paper is to be familiar with the rules of choosing a topic, doing research, and writing a paper.

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Reflection Of The Movie Moana - 1059 Words

Kaspar, Michaela Professor Fountain English 1301 24 September 2017 People of all ages have watched or heard about the movie Moana. They all want to see Disney’s new â€Å"princess,† or so they thought it was going to be a new princess. The movie sets an ambivalent, but curious tone. Moana is to become the next princess of her tribe, but when she lets her curiosity get the best of her. She has to decide whether she wants to lead her tribe or set forth on a journey that no one knows the outcome of. Throughout the movie, Moana, many life lessons are taught on how to handle different situations, not being afraid to try new things, and listening to your heart. Moana is a determined, fearless teenager who knows her limits but decides to†¦show more content†¦Moana follows her heart and begins the long journey to find Te Fiti and return the heart. In Moana’s tribe, there are specific things that you can and cannot do. One of the biggest things that is not allowed is going past the waters edge. When she discovered that she was the chosen one, she was worried she was not going to be able to successfully complete it because Moana had never been taught to sail a ship. Sailing was mainly for the men of the tribe. The women were not taught how to, so Moana had to be taught in order to save their precious land. Her father was not thrilled about this at all. Moana was to become the first female leader of the tribe but she was called to embark on this dangerous journey that no one has successfully completed before her. Throughout the entire movie, Moana is learning how to overcome fear of trying things she has never experienced. When Moana first discovered she was called to set out on this treacherous journey, she did not know what to think. Moana was curious to what the journey would hold but was scared of whether or not she would get the approval from her dad and the rest of the tribe. Moana is one of the only Disney movies to portray a â€Å"strong female lead but not make her fight† (Siede). Instead of fighting, Moana shows us what it is truly like to be a leader. She listens to her heart by going on this outrageous journey, even thoughShow MoreRelatedMoana Film Analysis939 Words   |  4 PagesMoana and the Various Aspects of Feminism In the 2016 film, Moana, a young woman and the daughter of a great Polynesian chief is next in line to inherit the throne to become the queen of her people. However, this particular woman aims to become someone greater than her island’s next leader, as the mystical adventures of the ocean have been calling to her ever since she was a little girl. Torn between her father’s wishes for her to remain on the island and her strong desire to explore, Moana defiesRead MoreDisney s Influence On Children867 Words   |  4 Pagesage range of the participants of the survey. The bar graph also shows that the mode and median age group is the group between 15 to 19. Even with outliers, three participants 40 and over, the data for age range is highly skewed right. This is a reflection of the convenience sampling. I expected this result because of the method of sampling used and the source used to display the link. In figure 4, graph shows that the racial demographics for the survey p articipants accurately represents the AmericanRead MoreLiterature : The 21st Century6619 Words   |  27 PagesConnections – 21st Literature The 21st Century, the time period that we all live in today, smothered in continuous social, economic and political issues. An interesting era for films of this genre is the late 1930’s to early 1940’s which we see reflections in the literature today. War World 2 was a turning point in history and was a time of sheer horror in many places such as Spain, Germany, Poland and Eastern Europe. In today’s age, contemporary literature writers often draw their inspiration and

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Impressive Design Of Executive Board Room †MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Impressive Design Of Executive Board Room. Answer: Introduction Conference rooms usually add functionalities, due to which they often lose the usability. It is notable that in order to prepare a standard conference room, it is necessary to design it with multiple displays, full of equipment, meeting capture systems, and teleconferencing systems. In addition to this, the executive rooms control the light, sound, projectors, and screens (Gibb, and Isack 2012.). The help of the technological tools in the executive room would be helpful to prepare a complete design. The study would provide the insightful ideas about an impressive design of Executive Board Room in Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel. The assessment provides the ideas about the design and necessary resources that would be used for the preparing the venue. Venue Design Analysis Analysis of thedesign principles have been applied to your chosen venue The design of the executive room requires following the structured shapes and resources. These resources are utilized for arranging the boardroom meetings and other conferences. It is necessary to consider the Modern Control Systems Designs to understand the underlying challenges (Afanasiev, Kolmanovskii and Nosov 2013). It is a mathematical explanation to identify the determinants associated while designing the executive room. In the previous time, the design thinking was centered for arranging these meetings. However, it has been noticed that this particular executive room has the sufficient number of tables. It is necessary to design the executive room by maintaining the proper design principles. The executive room requires following the below mentioned principles: It is necessary to utilize the space in the executive room with proper structure West, J. and (O'Mahon 2014). The tables and chairs are needed to be placed by keeping enough spaces. During the conference, it is necessary that the members feel comfortable in the room and enough space to sit comfortably. The executive room requires including the storage area, drawers, shelves and cabinet. In this venue, these features have been added. The adequate number of tables, chairs, and storages are added within this executive room. While structuring the executive room, it is necessary to keep focus on several essentials, such as speaker, projector, lights, TV, stoves, fridges, etc (Johnson 2013). However, it is seen that while designing the executive room, the adequate amount of electricity, projectors, and TV. The design principles determine that these resources are needed to be properly checked and monitored. The assessment report determines that the designs and resources are properly checked on a regular basis. Has the intended purpose of the design been achieved? The goal of building this executive room was to understand the use of meeting rooms by the executives. The approach for preparing the entire design was to investigate the general work process and the agenda of the meeting (Stanton, Salmon and Rafferty 2013). It is also required to understand the different types of meetings prepared by the staffs. The planning was done for building the Executive Board Room in Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel to arrange the meeting for the executive board directors. The different types of the meeting process have been explored while structuring the design. Moreover, the observation is made to analyze both paper based and computer based scheduling as well as the document handling system. The interviews were conducted to observe the proper schedules and supports derived from the staffs. The assessment provides the idea that the resources were properly organized. Moreover, the staffs and executives were also involved to prepare the entire room. Have the objectives of the various stakeholders been met? Prior to this room designing process, the objectives were made to ensure the possibility of success (Duffy, Cave and Worthington 2016). The first objective was to structure the proper style, overall space, image and experience. It was noticeable that the design of the executive room concentrated on these aspects more specifically. In order to fulfill these criteria, the adequate capital resources have been added. The focus was set to structure the complete set up as per the preferences of the executives. The exploration of the different meeting types was quite helpful in this case. Based on the meeting requirements, the executive rooms included sufficient sitting arrangements, tables, chairs, and enough space to sit comfortably. There is the huge place where the executives can even undertake the session of presentation. The stakeholders are the executive board members who opted for the spacious and comfortable meeting room. The discussion room requires concentrating on specific resou rces like projector, TV, electricity, air conditions, and sufficient space to seat (Johnson 2013). The assessment report seems to be fulfilling all such criteria that ensure the accomplishment of these objectives. Other considerations that were or should have been made in the design of the venue The observation of these structured designs is notifying that it was necessary to develop the technological resources in an advanced way. The traditional technological tools are needed to be upgraded. It is notable that the technological tools are mainly associated with two major parts related to the works of CEO. These two parts are effective relationship building and communication. In fact, the upgraded technological tools are much helpful in sharing necessary information during the decision-making process. Hence, the upgraded technological involvement was required for preparing the design of the venue. Another major consideration was the persistence with the structure. The design was prepared according to the business objectives. Hence, it is necessary to maintain the persistency. The replacements of the faulty wires or any mismanaged technologies are essential. It may cause any accidental hazards. Hence, the regular checks and monitoring is required. Venue Condition Assessment Explanation of the rationale behind a venue condition assessment The venue condition is the primary criteria for building an executive room. The mission of Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel was to utilize the technological tools to structure a comfortable and well-organized executive room. The need of this new executive room set up is mainly based on several reasons. It is necessary to gather the adequate idea about the different types of meetings that are going to be held at that designed place. Penner, Adams and Rutes (2013) stated that The different set up for each department was quite difficult to design if there was any lack of resource. In order to structure the entire design, it was necessary to derive the complete ideas about the different meeting styles that are going to be held at that executive room. The stakeholders wanted a complete set up with enough spaces, drawers, shelves and sufficient space for sitting. The projectors and TV were also required to undertake the presentation practices. These business practices needed more observation on the several criteria. The single use of the facility was required to be incorporated. It was even necessary to maintain the flexibility in time of building up the venue. The operators might change this flexible use. The major focus of this executive room is to undertake the suitable meeting session (Landa 2016). The focus of the tourism industry is to build good relationship with the travelers or tourists. Therefore, these meeting rooms are essential to arrange the meeting with the staffs and providing them the accurate information about the hospitality management. Therefore, this initiative is undertaken for structuring a meeting room for the training and other discussion purposes. Objectives, challenges and benefits associated with such an appraisal The objective of this initiative was to improve the hospitality practices that are important to build a good rapport with the target customers. In the tourism sector, it is important to build a good customer relationship, which can be facilitated by the good hospitality services. The executive room with enough and comfortable spaces would be helpful enough in arranging meetings or training sessions by the executives (Mitton and Nystuen 2016). The complete design would provide the new generation learning and discussion scenario that is much effective for the business purposes. Hence, it is quite essential to keep the focus on needs of the stakeholders while designing the entire rooms. The lack of upgraded technological tools was the major determinant for this planning process. It is suggested that the traditional technologies can be replaced to bring more beneficial outcome. On the other hand, there was the possibility of rejecting the design if the executives or other stakeholders do not like it. Hence, the challenges are also much concerned in such cases. Conclusion The entire plan is structured to build up Executive Board Room in Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel. The different types of the meeting process have been explored while structuring the design. Moreover, the observation is made to analyze both paper based and computer based scheduling as well as the document handling system. The focus was set to structure the complete set up as per the preferences of the executives. The exploration of the different meeting types was quite helpful in this case. Based on the meeting requirements, the executive rooms included sufficient sitting arrangements, tables, chairs, and enough space to sit comfortably. The focus was set to structure the complete set up as per the preferences of the executives. The stakeholders are the executive board members who opted for the spacious and comfortable meeting room. The discussion room requires concentrating on specific resources like projector, TV, electricity, air conditions, and sufficient space to seat. The upgrad ed technological involvement was required for preparing the design of the venue. References Afanasiev, V.N., Kolmanovskii, V. and Nosov, V.R., 2013.Mathematical theory of control systems design(Vol. 341). Springer Science Business Media. Duffy, F., Cave, C. and Worthington, J. eds., 2016.Planning office space. Elsevier. Gibb, A.G. and Isack, F., 2012. Client drivers for construction projects: implications for standardization.Engineering Construction and Architectural Management,8(1), pp.46-58. Johnson, J., 2013.Designing with the mind in mind: simple guide to understanding user interface design guidelines. Elsevier. Karlen, M. and Fleming, R., 2016.Space planning basics. John Wiley Sons. Landa, R., 2016.Advertising by design: generating and designing creative ideas across media. John Wiley Sons. Mitton, M. and Nystuen, C., 2016.Residential interior design: A guide to planning spaces. John Wiley Sons. Penner, R.H., Adams, L. and Rutes, W., 2013.Hotel design, planning and development. Routledge. Stanton, N., Salmon, P.M. and Rafferty, L.A., 2013.Human factors methods: a practical guide for engineering and design. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. West, J. and O'Mahony, S., 2014, January. Contrasting community building in sponsored and community founded open source projects. InSystem Sciences, 2005. HICSS'05. Proceedings of the 38th Annual Hawaii International Conference on(pp. 196c-196c). IEEE.

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Security and Justice in Post-Conflict Somalia

Question: Describe about the Security and Justice in Post-Conflict Somalia. Answer: Security and justice in post-conflictSomalia Somalia has had to put up with the wrath of civil war for a long time in the present days. The country had faced several conflicts and mass violence which has affected its economic, political, social development. The Somali Civil War crossed the line of resistance in the mid 80s when the SiadBarre Regime was removed and since then the country has been suffering this blight. In the recent past the country has been successful in coming out of the long civil war and has been able to establish or develop a government but it is still experiencing the aftermath of the war. Even though the country had managed to come out from this situation of the war this countrys government has bigger works to do and the president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has to come out and undertake necessary approaches for the growth and development of the country. As the country had been now coming out from the civil war that took a lot of time, and after the post conflicts, there was need to build proper security system and enable justice and peace within the post conflict environment. All across Somalia, there had been various kinds of entities like the political, tribal, military as well as administrative entities which had been needed to be governed so as to maintain peace and a healthy environment during the post conflict. The international community must sponsor for the national peace processes so as to establish their power and authority over the Somalian people. (Spearin, 2010). In the wake of a new Somalia the country will have to face a number of issues. In fact one of the most arduous tasks for the countrys government has been enforcing law and order in Somalia for maintaining peace. It has also faced hurdles in providing security and justice within the country and hence it has become one of the key tasks that the present government of the country has to achieve success in doing. There are in fact number of challenges that the country has to face in bringing security and justice in the country. Somalia has so far come in the headlines and has even been topic of discussion for all wrong reasons in the international arena. The country had faced several conflicts and mass violence, which had resulted in the death of many people. It also did not possess any kind of functional central government since the year 1991. The political aspects had also affected this post conflict environment by controlling the positions and revenue system that had further weakened t he effectiveness of the functioning of regional administration in Somalia. The Government and other regulatory bodies like WHO and UNICEF had also helped to take care of the health and safety of people of Somalia, thereby trying to bring peace and justice as well. Somalia was a place of complicated political as well as security environment which had been faced with famine, violence and poverty. Building security in Somalia has been affected with the increase in political conflicts against the regime as the government has not been able to handle terrorism and it has mobilised huge amount of money to get support from the common people and hence the government has not been able to get ample support from the commoners. One of the major issues in this case that remains for the government to eliminate is terrorism to restore peace in the country which is likely to bring justice in the country.After the civil war the faith of the common people has been shaken and injustice has prevailed si nce then. The continual act of terrorism and piracy has not allowed the government to work on anything else which has affected the law and order in the country (MacCallum, 2005). Children and young people have known Somalia for its sprouting and breeding of pirates which is not at all fictitious and is one of the major reasons that Somalia government has not been able to work on securing and providing justice within the country. It is important to mention that Terrorism and Piracy together have been a major concern for the government in the country and this stands tall among all the challenges that the country faces at this point of time. For piracy and terrorism Somalis have had no respite and the recent addition has been terrorism (Hesse, 2013). Terrorist groups like Boko Haram, Some African rebel groups and even some part of ISIS are active in the country and have tormented people in the country which has even affected the government. Their failures in putting up law, security and justice have become tough for the government. These groups also created warlords within the country and work on organized crimes that the government has not been able to eliminat e and one of the key reasons being its weak defense and lack of planning (MacCallum, 2005). Presently Somalias security and justice department is funded by the international community but it is not sustainable and the constant attack of the pirates and terrorists in and out of the country has affected it perilously stopping all kinds of developmental works. Terrorist groups like Boko Haram and Isis have been active in the country and organize crime activities which have not only intimidated the common people but have devastated any plans of putting up effective security and justice system within the nation (Marangio, 2012). It is extremely important to note that building up effective security and justice system within the country require strong support from the people but the citizens of the country are already affected by famines, plagues and poverty which doesnt help them to concern about anything else. At the same time regular terrorist and pirate activities within the country have collapsed the faith and dependence on the government which also doesnt help in building ef fective security and justice system within the country. Finally to conclude it is extremely important to mention that piracy and terrorism has bred non-cooperation among the youths in the country that so far the Somalia government has not been able to eliminate and this has crept in more problems for the country as well as the government. It is important to mention that the Somali Government have been engrossed in eliminating terrorism and piracy which the government hasnt been completely successful in doing and hence this has also affected justice and security in the country(Chetail, 2009). References Spearin, C., 2010. A private security solution to Somali piracy? The US call for private security engagement and the implications for Canada.Naval War College Review,63(4), p.56. Rees, N., 2010. EU and ASEAN: Issues of regional security.International Politics,47(3-4), pp.402-418. MacCallum, S.H. ed., 2005.The law of the Somalis: a stable foundation for economic development in the Horn of Africa. Red Sea Press. Chetail, V. ed., 2009.Post-conflict peacebuilding: A lexicon. OUP Oxford. Marangio, R., 2012.The Somali Crisis: Failed State and International Interventions. Istitutoaffariinternazionali. Hesse, B.J., 2013.Somalia: State collapse, terrorism and piracy. Routledge