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Planning function of management for Boeing Essay

The purpose of this paper is to explain the planning functions of management for the organization known as Boeing. Boeing is an aerospace company; they build passenger airplanes, military aircraft, satellites, and missiles. Boeing’s planning functions of management is influenced by internal and external factors. These factors such as the economy and competition directly influence the strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. â€Å"Boeing is the largest manufacturer of satellites, commercial jetliners, and military aircraft in the world. The company is also a global market leader in missile defense, human space flight, and launch services. Chicago-based Boeing has an extensive global reach with customers in 145 countries. Boeing operates under the strictest principles of corporate governance. With 152,091 employees, Boeing posted 2004 revenues of $52.45 Billion.(FCSR, 2008)The state of the economy is a huge external factor of how the Boeing organization operates both, strategically and tactically. In 2001, the economy was hit hard and along with many other company’s Boeing was suffering financially. Boeing was saved when they were offered a contract with U.S. Air force worth $49.2 billion (Advantage Business Media, 2007). Boeing also teamed up with Saudi Arabia Airlines in 1995 (Boeing, 2001). Boeing’s competition is another external factor that influences the organization both tactically and strategically. The company known as Airbus is Boeing’s biggest competition. Airbus is the leading manufacturer of commercial jets (Yahoo, 2008). Recently Boeing has been having internal issues affecting their assembly line and has cause a shortage in production which in turn has been affecting deadlines. With Boeing experiencing problems clients have been turning to Airbus to fulfill their needs. Lockheed Martin is Boeing’s biggest competition in defense systems (Yahoo, 2008).Currently; Boeing and Lockheed Martin are working together on some projects to help meet the high demand. The government is another factor that influences how the organization operates. Regulations affect the amount of output that Boeing can manufacture. When Boeing designs a new plane, before Boeing can test fly them they must first obtain a certificate issued by the U.S. Government; The  U.S. Government has designed this system of requirements to insure that each new plane is safe before the plane is flown. There are many safety requirements that must be met before the plane is approved to be flown; these requirements are enforced by U.S. Federal Aviation Administration. These requirements affect the production of Boeing’s airplanes by causing a delay before the aircraft can be cleared for use. The planning function of management is affected by several legal issues. In 2005, a lawsuit was filed against Boeing. The lawsuit, filed in federal court in Kansas, alleges that Ducommun’s Gardena plant made more than 1,900 defective parts used on at least 32 of Boeing’s airplanes, including 737s, 747s, 757s and 767s. The planes were delivered to the U.S. Air Force and Navy, as well as foreign military forces in Japan and Italy between March 1998 and November 2004. (Pae, 2005)The three employees who filed the lawsuit, were members of a Boeing audit team, contend that the parts did not conform to Federal Aviation Administration requirements. Boeing was aware of the problem but continued to sell the airplanes, falsely claiming that they were FAA approved, according to the lawsuit. The suit alleges that Ducommun kept two sets of books for manufacturing parts – â€Å"fake books† for Boeing and the FAA and â€Å"real books† for itself. (Pae, 2005) Boeing is a company that is respected for cooperate social responsibility. Boeing has joined the Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility, and is now entitled to display The Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility’s Gold Seal of Approval as a Socially Responsible Company. (FCSR, 2008) The Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility encourages corporations to be Socially Responsible, and to assist them in achieving commercial success in ways that respect ethical values, people in need, their communities and the environment. (FCSR, 2008)Boeing has a very strict code of ethics policy that is in place to protect both the corporations interest and the interest of it’s’ employees. Boeing employees are required to obey all aspects of the code of ethics set forth by the company. The code of ethics adopted complies with the standards set forth in the New York Stock Exchange’s corporate governance rules. The Boeing Company will administer ethics and compliance programs to promote its commitment to integrity and values as set forth in the Boeing values and Code of Conduct and to ensure compliance with laws,  rules, and regulations. These programs will inform employees of company policies and procedures regarding ethical business conduct and help them to resolve questions and to report suspected violations. Managers are responsible for supporting implementation of ethics and business conduct programs, and monitoring compliance to the company’s values and ethical business conduct guidelines through such programs. Managers are responsible for creating an open and honest environment in which employees feel comfortable in bringing issues forward. Retaliation against employees who raise genuine concerns will not be tolerated. (Boeing, 2008)All employees must sign and abide by the Boeing Code of Conduct, which requires that they understand the code, and ask questions, seek guidance, report suspected violations, and express concerns regarding compliance with this policy and the related procedures. (Boeing, 2008) To support the requirement for complete and accurate financial records and reporting, all employees of the Finance organization have an additional Code of Conduct for Finance. (Boeing, 2008)In Conclusion, There are several issues that can impact outcomes for management planning for the Boeing Company such as legal issues, ethical issues, and social responsibility, Along with factors can influence the companies planning operations both strategically, and tactically. The examples of these factors given in this paper are the economy, the government, and Boeings competitors such as Airbus. Even though Boeing has had its ups and downs from production problems to several legal issues Boeing has remained a globally known leader in their industry, respected for their cooperate social responsibility and known for their strong code of ethics. References Boeing. (2008). Ethics. Retrieved September 14, 2008, from http://www.boeing.com/companyoffices/aboutus/ethics/Boeing. (2008, February). Retrieved September 14, 2008, from Foundation for Corporate Social Responsibility: http://www.fcsr.plPae, p. (May, 2005). Boeing sued by three workers. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved September 14, 2008, from http://articles.latimes.com/2005/may/28/business/fi-ducommun28Vandore, E. (2008, January 17). Airbus, Boeing Swamped by Orders. Retrieved September 14, 2008, from San Francisco Chronicle: http://www.sfgate.comYahoo. (2008, March). The Boeing Company Profile. Retrieved September 14, 2008, from Yahoo: http://biz.yahoo.com/ic/10/10221.html

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Check Point: Summarizing the Medigap Program Write a 250-300 word summary reflecting on the Medigap program address the following in your summary: What are the core benefits in the Medigap insurance program? How well does the program meet coverage needs of its consumers? Is the cost of each plan fair considering the benefits and limits offered by each plan? Explain your opinion and provide examples What are the implications of having a private company associated with a government insurance program? Medigap is a supplemental health insurance policy, designed to cover what Medicare doesn’t cover. In order to be eligible for the Medigap program individuals must have either Medicare Part A or B and will be required to pay the premiums. There are 12 supplemental insurance policies that will pay for health services that Medicare does not cover in their original policy. All 12 plans are required to have certain basic health services. The core benefits for participants in Medicare Part A are daily coinsurance for 61 to 90 days of hospitalization daily coinsurance for each of Medicare’s lifetime inpatient hospital days and 100 percent of covered hospital charges for 365 days after all Medicare hospital benefits have been used. Medicare Part B the core charges are coinsurance amount after the deductible and the first 3 pints of blood for the year. Each plane extends a different benefit targeted at filling the gaps in Medicare coverage. Private health insurance companies sell Medigap insurance but they must follow federal and state laws. Medigap will cover deductibles, coinsurance and other services not covered by Medicare. Medigap plans are for the individual and what they personally want so to keep premiums down shop around and compare, there might be discounts for women, nonsmokers, medical underwriting, and deductibles. Medigap offers a variety of plans that are available to choose from and give the consumer a package that will fit their health needs. The health plans are fair compared to other insurance companies. It just depends on what the individual wants to cover and their current health needs at that time.

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Reflection Paper : Bunso (The Youngest) Essay

Bunso is a documentary film about three boys struggling to survive in an overpopulated jail somewhere in Cebu. The film showed three different stories of minor offenders named Tony short for Anthony, Diosel, and Bunso. This is a very heartbreaking film that can make you see the reality. When I was still eleven, I wake up and eat my breakfast prepared by my mother after that I play and sleep and play again. I complain because my clothes aren’t new I always demand for a new clothes to wear. When I’m sick, mom will give everything that can make me feel better, she will rush me to the clinic with her worried face. I felt bad, really bad I don’t have the right to complain because I am living the life that those kids are dreaming of. Anthony, a thirteen year old boy who has to find his own food for him and his siblings. No one will bother to give him money or food so he decided to just steal money/ jewerleys from the rich people. I felt really bad for him because his parents are always quarelling. His father who keeps on beating him up and his mother who is concerned for him but cannot do anything so she just drink all her problems. Diosel, aged eleven has to sing a song on the highways just for coins to surpass his hunger. I am very worried for him and his friends because they might be hit by a rushing car or worse trucks. Bunso, the neglected child that begs for the love of his family. Of all the three children, I feel worst for Bunso because his mother looks like she doesn’t even love him. His mother always promise to set him free from the jail but she never really cared to get him. At the young age he has to suffer all the hard things just to survive he should be studying for his future but he is at the jail living with the criminals unsure if he will be able to eat tomorrow. I can feel the pain, need, and anger of Bunso with his mother. He is in pain because he is living a hard life in the jail and is longing for his mother’s love and angry because of the way his mother have treated him. He is very angry and in pain that he said â€Å"You call yourself a mother?† I also remember he said that on his past birthday he didn’t even get a single penny from his mother. I am very sad because this hardship shouldn’t be experienced by a minor child I mean no one should  experience this kind of suffering. For me the main problem of the film is their parents. If you can’t even provide your children’s needs then you don’t deserve one! One prisoner said â€Å"Why do you have to born if you’ll just live like this and grow up criminals?† I strongly agree from what he said. Second one is education if only their parents have an education background they wouldn’t have to face hardships like this because they can have a decent job and provide their children’s needs. Children doesn’t fit in the prison. They shouldn’t be there living in a filthy room with over 157 prisoners. They are not safe there. Different viruses are in the air and they can be sick anytime. There are no proper medicine to relieve their pain like Diosel gas shouldn’t be used as a medicine for a stomach ache. When it’s raining they can’t sleep because the roof isn’t good. They drink water that’s not even clean. Food supply isn’t sufficient for them and they have to share it with their group. I realized that my life is very good and learned that I should be happy and contented because there are other people that can smile when they are living a miserable life. I shouldn’t be irritated to street children because they have different stories and hardships. And also I felt sad that the two children was born and died poor. They didn’t get a chance to enjoy their lives because they died at a young age. This is the bitter and sad reality that we are facing in the Philippines I just hope that God would lead them and doesn’t let them do immoral things.

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Are all the characters in this novella lonely? Essay

In the 1930’s, American ranch workers were living in very lonely, dingy conditions. They would travel for days on end, sleeping rough when and where they had to. They would travel to work long hours for minimum wage. George and Lennie were no exception to this. From the beginning they have to sleep rough whilst they are travelling to Soledad, which also is also the Spanish word for â€Å"lonely†. We find out from the beginning that George and Lennie are complete opposites of each other. George is described as being smaller and slimmer than Lennie, who is very tall and big built. We also see that Lennie tries to copy George a lot, as they both wear the same clothing, and carry their gear in the same way. â€Å"They had walked in single file down the path, and even it the open one stayed behind the other.† This quotation is important because this shows us that Lennie follows George as if he was his mother. This also shows us that Lennie isn’t capable of thinking for himself, so he has to rely on George, being his mother figure, to do everything for him. We can see that George can easily lose his temper with Lennie, when Lennie refuses to get rid of the dead mouse in his pocket. â€Å"George stood up and threw the mouse as far as he could†¦/ don’t you think I could see your feet was wet where you went across the river to get it?† In chapter two, the unequal relationship between the stable buck and the rest of the ranch workers when Candy talks to George; â€Å"He was sure burned when you weren’t here this morning†¦/ An’ he gave the stable buck hell, too.† When the boss gets angry, he takes it out on the stable buck, as he cannot defend himself, partly because of his crooked spine, but also because if he did fight back, then the boss would probably have him killed because of the ethnic differences. In chapter four, the first reasons for Crooks’ loneliness show through. Firstly, he does not sleep with the other ranch workers; he sleeps inside the harness room by himself. The only things he has inside his ‘room’ are â€Å"a mauled copy of the California civil code for 1905†, and â€Å"a tattered dictionary†. The California civil code in his room shows us that he has been educated in his youth, and that he also knows his personal rights. The dictionary in his room shows us that he has tried to understand every word in his California civil code. In this chapter, it is quite obvious that Curley’s wife is going to be lonely, as she is the only woman on the ranch. â€Å"Sat’iday night. Ever’ body out doin’ som’pin†¦/ an’ likin’ it because they ain’t nobody else.† This quotation speaks for itself really, as she is complaining about having to spend time with Lenny, Candy and Crooks. She has to speak with the â€Å"losers† of the ranch and like it because there is no-one else for her to talk to. Another reason why she is lonely is because of the way that Curley treats her. â€Å"Sure I gotta husban’. You all seen him†¦/ â€Å"Jus’ the ol’ one-two an’ he’ll go down†Ã¢â‚¬  She is telling us that Curley doesn’t care about her at all, and that she obviously doesn’t like the way that she’s being treated. In chapter 5, on page 100, Steinbeck creates a feeling of shock and quiet reflection through the shattering of their dream. â€Å"Before George answered, Candy dropped his head and looked down at the bay. He knew.† At the end of page 100, George quickly comes up with a plan. This creates a feeling of pace and action. This signifies the calm before the storm, in tune with the same technique the author had used earlier in the book before Lenny killed Curley’s wife, and at the very beginning of the book. In conclusion, it is quite clear that all the characters in this novella are lonely in their own way. George is lonely in the end after he kills Lenny, this parallels the shooting of Candy’s dog ~ both are shot to protect them from further pain. Candy loses his only companion when Carlson shoots his dog for the selfish reason that it smells. Curley’s wife is lonely throughout the novella until Lenny accidentally kills her, and at the end of chapter 4, Crooks returns to his old self, as he rejects Candy and the others. Crooks chooses to be lonely, however, as he feels safe by himself.

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Don't Ask, Don't Tell Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Essay Example While this might be unthinkable in the United States, there is no good reason for it to be so. Many American officers are now comparing their own army to international ones and determining that it is time to bring American practices more in line with practices around the world. These countries’ experience shows that an army does not fall apart when homosexuals are allowed the serve openly; there are no reported negative effects whatsoever. One of the main reasons that other countries allow homosexuals to serve openly is because courts have recognized that homosexuals have the right to be free of discrimination. In Canada, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees freedom from discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. It simply isn’t possible to deny homosexuals the right to serve their country. These legal reasons have been recognized in other countries too and form the basis for many countries’ rejection of similar don’t ask, don’t tell policies. In the United States such rights have not yet been granted. There is still a big argument about gay marriage which shows no sign of being resolved any time soon. America appears to be a more culturally divided country on the issue of homosexuality. That may be the way it is, but that is not a very good reason to deny a person the opportunity to serve their country because of an immutable characteristic that really has no connection wi th the morale or standards of the troupe. The argument against giving homosexuals such rights holds little water. The American army is currently fighting two big wars: one in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. It is short of soldiers and needs more. Since the don’t ask, don’t tell policy came into effect, thousands of soldiers have been forced to leave service. This is not right. The military needs more soldiers. Disallowing the service of homosexuals reduces the number of soldiers too

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Criminal prevention, treatment or punishment program Research Paper

Criminal prevention, treatment or punishment program - Research Paper Example The employ of such youth and juvenile-oriented programs vary from one state to another although local authorities and police officials admit that one without the other is simply incomplete. In criminal prevention and suppression, both practices are displaying effectiveness at different levels although prevention had proven to be more efficacious in exploiting the use and management of one of the least discussed but highly important areas of criminology – the finances. 2 In seeking for the restoration of the Community Youth Services grant line for the two fiscal years 2011 and 2012, Chicago Area Project (CAP) Director David E. Whitaker, said that the programs which focus on juvenile delinquency prevention cost taxpayers less than $500 per youth yearly while the expense of keeping a juvenile delinquent in detention is estimated to be up to $80,000 or $75,000 more expensive per youth, per year. The director of the Illinois side of the CAP project said that even if only one percen t or 700 of these youths go into juvenile detention, the cost would be a staggering $56 million annually or ten times greater than the entire Community Youth Services grant line. ... Such principle is explicitly underlined in the mission statement of the Anti-Gang Office, a division of the Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security in Houston, Texas in these words: The office operates under the premise that gang activity is best addressed through three strategies: prevention, intervention and suppression. Prevention and intervention are offered by service organizations, with suppression addressed by law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. (houstontx.gov) 3 Peace and stability starts at home particularly with the parents themselves establishing the very core of discipline and provisions that make for a peaceful and stable family, the most basic foundation of any society. Generally, the whole community and the public at large will eventually take charge in the overall aspect of crime deterrence noting that the pillars of the justice system notably the police can only be as affective as the general public wants them to be. In reiterating the effective symmetry of criminology, a Mayor of Houston states that: â€Å"suppression is generally not successful alone. Houston provides an example of how suppression can be combined with other program elements, in that the Mayor's Anti-Gang Office uses suppression techniques as one element of the OJJDP's comprehensive gang model, â€Å"a paradigm that utilizes five core strategies (community mobilization, provision of opportunities, social intervention, suppression, organizational change and development) to address gang issues within a targeted community.†(usmayors.org) Working closely in consonance with the Anti-Gang Office of the Mayor, the Houston Police

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Operationalizing New Service Concept in Pre-Existing Fast Food Chain Essay

Operationalizing New Service Concept in Pre-Existing Fast Food Chain of Restaurants - Essay Example Introduction 4 2. Background 5 3. Literature Review 5 4. Designing New Service Concept and Service Innovation 6 5. Research 6 6. Service Recovery Design 7 7. Recommendations 8 8. Service Strategy 10 9. Conclusion 10 10. References 12 1. Introduction Customers are significant for every business , however, for fast food companies , which offer food which are perishable, it is very important to retain customer, create customer loyalty and regulate customers to survive in the increasingly competitive environment, which has been elevated through the globalization of fast food chains. Brink and Berndt (2004) found that many companies spent a lot of their efforts, money and time to recruit new customers but a few companies took appropriate steps to retain customer and customer loyally. In 2011, the total revenue generated by Italian fast food market was $2.1 billion, which represents a negative annual rate from 2007 to 2011. The demand for fast food was high till 2007 and the market perform ance also reduced during this time period. The market volume in fast food is classed as the number of visits the customer makes to the same fast food restaurant. Fast food restaurant market can be broken down into- Take Away Quick Service restaurant Mobile Food Street The fast food restaurant at the leisure locations The fast food chains meet new competitors in the market and customer relationship is the marketing purpose which can keep customers from going to the competitors (Ramakrishnan, 2006). Customer retention is the method which helps to keep customers actively involved with the firm through optimal allocation of resources (Kotelnikov, 2006). Six economic benefits of customer retention as outlined by Brink and Berndt (2004)- It reduces the cost of customer acquisition and customer replacement. It guarantees base profits as the customers may follow the minimum spend for a time period. It promotes increased customer revenue. It reduces the overall operating costs as the compani es spread the costs over many customers. It provides easy referral to new customers from the pre-existing customers and the customer can be charged premium price as they do not wait for discounts or price reductions. 2. Background The Italian restaurant operates a chain of 26 full-service restaurants close to shopping malls and high streets. The restaurant is known for excellent service and high quality Italian cuisine. The restaurant is looking for expansion opportunities and the management wants to launch new chain which will have following features 1. Low cost food 2. Limited menu The main issue is that the new outlets may lead to poor customer experience which can tarnish the image of the well established restaurant brand. Regardless of what the service industry perceive about their service and customers, the service should function for customers properly. It should be as per the perceived notion of service by the customer, even if in case, the customers have not experienced it previously (Johnston and Clark, 2001). Through word-of-mouth customer have a perceived imagination of the type of service, and during and after the service delivery the service should meet customers’ expectations related to the duration, notion and flexibility provided. Every organisation should focus on delivering the service concept. The paper explains how service concept is the key driver in service design decision at various